Terms and Conditions

Rules and Regulations

Digisteps strives to handle clients in a fast and professional manner. You agree to the following terms and conditions by doing business with us.

The Agreement

Customers and digisteps.in shall enter into a separate contract; no partnership or joint venture will be formed.

The start date will be agreed upon by both parties, and fees according to the service will be charged.

A monthly performance report for clients will be provided.

For some of the service responsibilities, Digisteps.in reserves the full right to subcontract a third-party service provider.


Digisteps.in is required to receive the full charging money up front if the client opts for a monthly service package.

A 50% discount on the total is available if Digisteps.in and the client agree on the fixed price.

A monthly invoice would be sent to clients by Digisteps.

Promotional Materials

Digisteps.in has full authority to post information about your company on search provider websites and to create content based on such information. Additionally, you guarantee that the information you give Digisteps.in is accurate, not deceptive, and that you have full authorization to represent this product and service information.

One week after receiving the content, we will approve all monthly submissions.

One week after the content is delivered to us for approval, we will review all monthly submissions.

Unacceptable Behavior

As Digisteps.in strives to provide the best service, there are a number of rules and regulations. Practices that are against these rules are prohibited and will result in the cancellation of CWS service.

Unacceptable behaviors comprise, but are not restricted to:

sexually explicit goods or services

Nakedness and airbrushing on lingerie websites

mass emailing programs

No Promises

You acknowledge that the search providers and publications to which Digisteps.in submits advertising on your behalf, including the results of sponsored search advertising, are not guaranteed in any way. Digisteps.in does not guarantee the volume of calls, visitor impressions, or the appearance of paid search advertisements.

The performance is not guaranteed to be totally error-free by Digisteps.in.

Refusal of Warranties

Digisteps.in and its suppliers disclaim all promises that aren’t clearly stated in this document to the fullest degree possible.

Upon Execution; Effective

On the date the Statement of Work is signed, both parties are bound by all of the aforementioned terms and conditions.

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